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At James Kendall Estate Agents, our experienced valuers are experts in the local property market, delivering accurate valuations every day across Bedfordshire.

“A property is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it.”

Indeed, but it is equally what price a seller is prepared to accept.  At James Kendall Estate Agents we do things differently, we have analysed the property market and have our own individual in house method to secure sellers the best price for their home.

We utilise a guide pricing method and give sellers a range of what they could expect to be offered dependent on their individual circumstances and of course their most valuable asset, their home.  Feel free to pop in to our office for a chat (We make great tea!) or we can come to you, call us on 01234 852434 or email hello@jameskendall.co.uk

“Fantastic service and treatment. Communication was excellent, clarity at each stage.
Would highly recommend.” – Jenny, Brickhill

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